This figure was the first figure of the series collector Broly 4 eva. The figure was released in March of 2014. The figure has 23 points of articulation and reuses Bandai's cliche base Goku mold. The figure comes with 5 interchangeable faces. A serious face, looking to the right screaming face, a feared/ shocked face, a joking around face, and a gleeful face. It also came with 6 sets of completed hands. These hands included closed fists, kamehameha hands, ki blast hands, close fingers hands, getting-ready-to-fight hands, and 1 incomplete set of hands; instant transmission hands. The figure comes in a red-and-black package.

The figure stands at 6.5 inches tall. The sleeves do commonly fall off of the figure, as well as the feet. For SHF noobs, these figures don't require assembly. The hair is somewhat sharp (but not as sharp as Broly's and thank GOD for that)


Figure at a standstill

Dragonball-bandai-002 1318547696

Figure at a Comic-con. Unknown comicon

Goku-sh-figuarts-bandai-dbz-22195-MLC20225222430 012015-F

Figure in box tray


Fighting stance

SH Figuarts Goku Normal 09

Figure at another comicon


close up of figure


Clear image of packaging. (Copyright [1]toyark)


Backside of figure

Son-goku-sh-figuarts-dragon-ball-z-preventa-7109-MLM5163740609 102013-F

Salutation pose

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