Broly was one of the most popular Dragon Ball Z characters and on December 31, 2014, the Legendary Super Saiyan was brought to the SH figuarts line. The figure comes with 3 sets of hands; closed fists, grabbing hands, and ki blast hands. It also comes with 3 faces, a serious face, smirking face, and sadistically screaming/ maniacal laughter face.

The figure stands at about 7.5 inches tall, with 22 points of articulation. The figure is well sculpted and highly rated by fans and critics alike. The head is on a double ball joint, making it incredibly unstable, as well as the figure being incredibly top-heavy.


Broly blasting someone


Broly screaming


Broly grabbing Super Saiyan Goku by the face


Broly destroying a planet


Back of figure


copyright [1]

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